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The Never-Ending Conversation

November 18, 2017

''Ike Maxwell was Elyria's high school football hero in the 1971 season. Now, at 59, he walks the town a troubled and damaged man, a reminder of glory and regret and of the vexing subject of race''

Ike Maxwell

Friday evening in Elyria, and once again the Pioneers of Elyria High School take the field. Football and baseball has always been a part of the ongoing conversation in this small Ohio city, but few players have been more talked about than No. 42, Dynamite Ike.Back in 1971, running back Ike Maxwell led the Elyria Pioneers to an undefeated season. He dominated Saturday headlines, was named an All-American, had dozens of college recruiters knocking on his door.So everything that all of us were, he was, too.

To look back and remember what kind of a person like that, and to make those moves, and then to see him the way he is now where -- I don't know what -- you know, I don't know what's going on, you know, in his mind and that; as far as what it's like to be there.On that best baseball bat on the market. The words he shouts may sound like nonsense.

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