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Ash baseball bats endangered by insects, rise of maple

January 18, 2018

 The bats Ted Williams demanded, with their 25 growth rings per inch, came from the Allegheny Mountain forests that unfurl in all directions from this flyspeck Warren County town. So did the wide-grain models Pete Rose preferred and Dick Allen's 40-inch, 40-ounce wagon tongues.

This vast and remote region, straddling Route 6 along the Pennsylvania-New York border, has long been the mother lode of best youth baseball bats. For a century or more, nearly all those used by major-league hitters came from the white ash that grows and is milled in this bat belt.

Rolling terrain, moist soil, and temperate climate created a variety of ash trees whose weight, density, and flexibility were ideal for bats.

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The Never-Ending Conversation

November 18, 2017

''Ike Maxwell was Elyria's high school football hero in the 1971 season. Now, at 59, he walks the town a troubled and damaged man, a reminder of glory and regret and of the vexing subject of race''

Ike Maxwell

Friday evening in Elyria, and once again the Pioneers of Elyria High School take the field. Football and baseball has always been a part of the ongoing conversation in this small Ohio city, but few players have been more talked about than No. 42, Dynamite Ike.Back in 1971, running back Ike Maxwell led the Elyria Pioneers to an undefeated season. He dominated Saturday headlines, was named an All-American, had dozens of college recruiters knocking on his door.So everything that all of us were, he was, too.

To look back and remember what kind of a person like that, and to make those moves, and then to see him the way he is now where -- I don't know what -- you know, I don't know what's going on, you know, in his mind and that; as far as what it's like to be there.On that best baseball bat on the market. The words he shouts may sound like nonsense.

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Gun Control Will Reduce School Violence

September 18, 2017

Couldn't two angry thugs find other weapons if guns were not available? Of course they could. But none is as efficient as firearms. Baseball bats? Knives? There is a good reason you have never heard of a schoolhouse baseball-bat massacre. You can tackle a best youth baseball bats wielding sociopath. You might outrun a nut with a knife. But the victims at Columbine High School had no chance against two deranged young men armed with not only pipe bombs but also two sawed-off shotguns, a semiautomatic rifle and a semiautomatic pistol.

In the following viewpoint, Cynthia Tucker asserts that recent mass murders at schools have occurred because young people have too easy access to firearms. According to Tucker, adolescents have always been cruel to one another, but when angry teens have access to guns, they kill more people than they could with knives or other weapons. Tucker argues for more laws regulating firearms in order to reduce the likelihood of more school shootings.
As you read, consider the following questions:
  1. According to Tucker, what weapons did Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold use unsuccessfully during the Columbine school shooting?
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