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CFL commissioner Mark Cohon talks to Charlie Gillis about NFL incursion

July 30, 2017

When Mark Cohon became commissioner of the Canadian Football League last spring, the perennially dysfunctional league appeared to be gaining momentum. Then, with the Grey Cup scheduled to take place in Toronto, it emerged that two separate groups in the city--including the current owners of the CFL's Argonauts--were vying to bring a National Football League franchise to town. Cohon, the 41-year-old son of McDonald's Restaurants of Canada founder George Cohon, spoke to Maclean's correspondent Charlie Gillis.

I've noticed that your name is no longer always mentioned in the same breath as McDonald's. Is that a nice switch for you?

You know, I grew up with parents I was proud of, and who were proud of me. So if it keeps happening I don't mind. I'm secure with myself.

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